TRUE FICTION TWO, ©1986, 2004 Sandy Skoglund
twenty color photographs; approx. image area: 14"H x 25L"

True Fiction Two is a series of twenty different images printed in an edition of ten
(with one artist proof) using archival pigmented inkjet technology.

The original series, True Fiction, ©1986, was discontinued (and the edition of 25
never finished) when the Kodak Company cancelled the production of the dye
transfer materials that were used in the original printing.

With the release of True Fiction Two, each image has been meticulously crafted digitally by Sandy Skoglund
to assimilate the visual and photographic possibilities now available in digital processes.

The result is a similar, yet significantly different feel to the sense of space
and three-dimensional photographic quality represented by each image.
In each print, colors have been refined, contrast altered, and detail enriched.

The image dimensions for True Fiction Two are: 14 inches high consistent for all
twenty images, with the length varying from 23 inches to 27 inches depending on
the image.